So you want to know about my interests, huh? Maybe you need to get some of your own if you're that bored...

Well, lets have a little think about interests. My most longstanding interest, has to be computers - for the last 20 odd years. Follow the links to learn about my computing history, some of the systems I've used in the past, and I'm using now.

I've gotten pretty interested in digital photography, although I'm still very much a beginner. You can look at pictures in the Photographs section of the site, or look at my Photography pages.

One interest that is currently being developed, is that of metal turning. It started back in early June 2010 when I needed a job doing, a job my Dad would have normally done for me. I wanted to have a go myself, so he talked me through it. I completed that job successfully, and am now in the process of building two identical 'steam engines' while learning how to use his vast array of equipment and tools. You can read all about it at my Learn to Turn blog.

I'm trying my best to read more, something I typically hate doing. You can read about the book(s) I'm reading on my Books page.