Welcome to Bakerbase.com, longtime internet home of Martin Leslie Baker. Bakerbase.com has been pretty much off line for nearly 3 years. It existed, but there wasn't much there. Armed with quite a bit of free time (I'm out of work), and a pinch of enthusiasm, and I'm trying to get the site up and running again.

There are some other things going on to. I'm of course looking for a job, and being something of a house husband. I'm also spending a couple of hours every week learning how to turn metal (or is that metal turn??) - anyway, you can read about all about it at my new blog at Learn to Turn.

I'm also hoping to start taking Spanish Classes in September, which could be really interesting.

We are pregnant again.

That's right folks, we have our second baby on the way, and he or she will be making an appearance around 23 days into 2011.

Tour De Funny.

I recently took to the road on my latest push bike - read all about it.

Freeview HD.

Oh dear..